Talia Erickson

Change in the Weather is our new Thursday program, presented by Talia Erickson, about METEOROLOGY – and how knowing the signs in the atmosphere can help us predict the future.

The class is full of opportunities for interaction, educated guesses, and team work. Learn to draw, recognize symbols, and read the signs, Thursdays at 10am.

Then, at 1pm: The Cloud Mysteries. The afternoon program applies our growing knowledge to solve cases and discover the truth! We’re looking for investigators, and hope you’ll join in!

Lisa Sars

Lisa Sars is a dedicated educator sharing both her love and commitment to dance and yoga with her students in a wide variety of contexts. With 12 years experience teaching children her classes focus on fun before form.  Growing healthy hearts and happy minds starts with the body.  Awarded grants through Arts Starts to bring fantastical dance projects to life in Elementary Schools in the lower mainland, Lisa collaborates with Ballet BC to bring creative dance to life through their DanceXpress program, has spearheaded the creation of a Yoga Arts Camp with the City of Burnaby, and taken part in creating new program of mindfulness for kids.  For the last 7 years she has run the children’s program portion of the annual Family Week Retreat at the Yasodhara Ashram in Kootenay Bay BC. 

Her passions run deep and she is most excited to offer both a Yoga and Dance class to the kids of BKConline!   

Yoga with Lisa Fridays: Meditation and lions and bumble bees oh my!  This class sticks to the fun side of things, with lots of movement as we intersperse our journey with mindfulness practices and yoga poses.  Having a journal to draw in and record our experiences would be great. 

Josh Crone

Martial arts instructor, kids facilitator, and entrepreneur Josh Crone presents a class of self-discipline, physical activity, and interactive fun!

Josh is an East Van business owner whose awesome martial arts training centre Flow opened on Kingsway, near Knight St. earlier this year. The culmination of a life’s work, months of effort, and even more planning, Flow is an open inclusive space that teaches humility, participation, and respect for our bodies, our friends, and our selves… in the form of Karate for kids, and Kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu for adults. (They’re on insta.)

Josh has over 20 years of coaching, sport-specific training, martial arts and conditioning experience with a foundation in team sports. A life-long teacher, he also works with children with special needs as a behaviour interventionist through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Flow is currently closed, but Josh’s quick feet moved his kids classes to Zoom sooner than anyone, and when he added academics to his program, he discovered a new world. Josh is a dynamic, positive educator of experience, and he definitely embraces our values.

Your kids are going to love his get-up-and-move program, perfect for these sit-there-and-watch weeks. 😉

Karate Kids runs at 10am and 1pm on Wednesdays through May, and you can either register, or login below.