Preschool routine from the comfort of home!

Daily interactive learning for 2 – 6 year olds – starting May 5! Structure your preschoolers’ day to include social engagement, educational programming, and two precious 1-hour blocks of free time for you!

Apply for an account

To protect privacy, open communication, and ensure our kids are safe while they participate with BKConline programs, every family must have a school account.

All new families will receive 4 introductory classes to help you set up the structure at home.

Consent to policies

You will receive a link to our privacy policy, and be asked to consent (or decline) to the safe and secure school environment we are creating in a virtual space.

Sign up for classes

Upon receipt of consenting paperwork, we will activate your account, and provide 2 days of classes for free! Getting into the “preschool” routine takes some practice, but with flexible attendance, you can choose classes Tuesday – Friday, and experience a range of options. Click here for the list.

Keep in touch!

We want to bring out more programs, and are especially interested in creating a “recess time” to facilitate children’s interactions outside of structured learning. This could be a wonderful way to introduce them to friends all around the world – which was never possible before!

In the meantime, we’re proud to offer 4 days of play and learning for kids and families to try at home, and to provide a structure you can use to keep them healthy, inquisitive, and safe. A newsletter is coming soon.

We are also looking for feedback, presenters, families, and ideas! Stay tuned.