Values & Conduct

Values & Conduct

Teaching children about the world is fun and rewarding, because they learn from everything they see and experience. Classes at BKCo are based on our founding values:

Positive Impact – for the triple win!

A Life: Sustainable

Fairness for All!

Openness to Technology, Advancement & Change

Teachers are independent contractors, who can set their own rates, class structure and topic, and determine how, when, and why, but they adhere to our Code of Conduct, when it comes to privacy and consent:

  1. Presenters may record sessions for training and verification purposes, but may not distribute image, audio, or video files of children with out express permission from guardians.
  2. Participants are always instructed never to record, and to destroy any recordings made upon discovery (included in Family Sign Up Package).
  3. If a class must be cancelled, Presenters will provide as much notice as possible, and will either find a substitute teacher to cover the class, or offer a make-up class – schedule of such to be arranged with attending families.
  4. Cancelled classes are eligible for refund if a make-up class cannot be arranged within 30 days.
  5. Presenters will provide resources, required class materials, and information relating to the classes in a timely manner, at least 30 minutes before the class begins.
  6. For more about our Privacy, Secure Filing, and PCI Compliance policies, please email The complete document will be available soon.

Verification Processes

As the world moves online, wonderful new opportunities present themselves for engaging children in early learning. Content is important, but privacy is key!

Our Big Kids Club online Virtual Preschool application and verification processes meet licensing requirements, and stem from our existing commitment, at Buddings, to protecting children’s privacy. We know who is attending our classes, and you can know that everyone is verified.