Virtual Preschool

What is BKConline?

BKConline is a flexible daily preschool structure for families to implement at home.

Through the magic of technology, kids can join teachers and friends on a regular basis, for interactive, educational activities, music and body movement, and a preschool routine so kids know what comes next.

Up to 5 hours of structure!

BKCo presents two daily 45min. – 1hr. lessons, at 10am and 1pm, and structured so kids learn when it’s time to pull up a chair, settle in for a snack, get some exercise, and share and reflect with their friends. Parents can use extension activities to fill in the rest of the day.

Why it works:

Structure is a key plank in children’s mental health, and BKConline is a preschool routine that prepares kids’ brains and bodies for learning – including healthy snacks, outside time, rest, free play, AND structured activities, move them through the day.

BKConline is social, interactive play – through screens

In COVID times, our screens and devices carry us into the living rooms and kitchens of kids around town, and around the world, to learn together. Friendships can develop when kids meet up over time.

Daily Schedule – in PDT, for Vancouver, BC

Set up a “preschool area” in your home, where children can sit near a table, with the screen propped up between 12″ – 18″ in front of them, and their head centred in the frame. Set the screen name to your child’s name, and remind them to speak politely, and to practice good listening.

9:30am – Ding ding! Your calendar reminder gives you time to try the potty and get ready for fun!

While things are new, parents may need to help children back to their seats. Let them know the class is only for a short time, and remind them how fun it is to see their friends online. Children learn by doing, and their attention span will grow.

10am – Bring your morning snack, and join in for the morning circle time activity.

This interactive session gets kids engaged with their teacher and friends for today’s topics, with stories, dancing, and circletime, and activities.

11am – 1pm – Free time and lunch

Kids need exercise and healthy food to be ready to learn, and routines help them know what comes next. Taking a morning walk on a daily basis lets children move their bodies, notice seasonal changes in nature, and work up an appetite for lunch! Parents can choose to use the class resources to extend the morning’s activities, and prepare kids for independent learning in the afternoon.

1pm – It’s time to expand on the morning’s activities!

The afternoon class gives the kids something to return to, where they share their experience, reconnect with their friends, and focus on the teachers’ lessons. With regular attendance, children can learn to sit independently at “virtual preschool” to listen, and learn, with their friends!

2pm – Gross Motoring! We end each day’s activities with a full-body exercise!

A scavenger hunt! An obstacle course! A dance party or hokey pokey! Classes end with a suggestion for further self-guided activities.